Construction Assistance

In the case of complete involvement in a yacht construction project Trimarine begins it’s activities in the preliminary planning phase with direct assistance to the Architect, the Structural Engineer, the Builder and/or the Boat-owner supplying practical and technical information in order to define and choose the best location, techniques and materials for the construction.

This phase is particularly important for the overall definition of the project and how much the construction technologies must adapt to the equipment of the yard - or vice -versa - and to the capacities of the available work force; the experience accumulated by the members of Trimarine in the last 18 years in the preparation of yards and training of staff and work force represents a source of information of great usefulness for anyone involved in composite construction.

At the same time a valid contribution to the Client is offered in the elaboration of a cost and time schedule plan and if required the preparation of the specific construction area.

Trimarine is in a position to offer a valid contribution, partial or complete, in the following activities related to the construction of a composite marine structure:

  • Elaboration and real time updating of the Master Construction Plan

  • Specification and Quality monitoring of the materials and their deliveries

  • Preparation of the Working Procedures in a way to guarantee the necessary construction standards, particularly important if more than one unit is to be produced

  • Production management assistance - collaboration with shop floor managers in the instruction, choice and subdivision of the work groups and task distribution.

  • Creation and implementation of a QC system based on the information from the production and the technical office.

  • If required, eventual direct management of work force.

  • Recording and analysis of labour time, fundamental factor in cost control and in the organization of the work schedules.

  • Inspection and control

  • Management and organization of collaboration between production staff and sub-contractors

  • Technical assistance during visits of inspectors and/or representatives of the classification societies responsible for the surveillance of the construction

  • Preparation of structural samples for laboratory verifications and/or their direct extraction from the components – usually requested by Classification Societies.

  • Preparation of the ‘Final Construction Report’

  • Elaboration of ‘Ship’s maintenance manuals’ and repair procedures.

This list represents a typical model of what could be the structure for a complete collaboration between Trimarine and a potential customer.

Whichever the collaboration program envisaged, it would have to be based on the specific requirements of the client therefore taking maximum advantage of the knowledge and capabilities that each of the intervening parts is in a position to offer.